4 Savory Plant Based Breakfasts to Try

via Healthier Steps

“Plant-based” has become a buzz word du jour, synonymous with healthy eating. The phrase can be found on food packaging, restaurant menus, Pinterest pins, and Instagram feeds.

So, what is plant-based?

According to T. Colin Campbell, PhD, the researcher that popularized the term plant-based, the “whole foods plant-based” (WFPB) lifestyle is centered around eating whole foods from plant sources. Proponents of this way of eating encourage eating vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts and seeds in their whole, unprocessed form.

Is this just another fad diet?

There are more diets out there than we can keep up with. Despite their differences, many of them agree on one thing – fruits and vegetables are good for you and most of us could stand to eat more of them.

What are the benefits of eating plant-based?

Studies have documented weight loss and lower cholesterol, as well as the prevention and in some cases reversal of the most common diseases in the US, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. These benefits are discussed in great detail in the book How Not to Die by Michael Greger.

But does it tastes good?

If you’re used to one kind of food (say fast food), and you suddenly switch to something else (say raw salads with no dressing), it will definitely taste different. While plant-based food can be extremely flavorful, the amount of salt, sugar, and fat in most of our diets can create some pretty stiff competition.

The good news is that plant-based goes far beyond salads. Once you get started your imagination will be running wild with meal ideas.

In addition, your body is amazing! In this study, researchers showed that subjects’ taste buds actually changed over time. Within three weeks, they preferred decreased salt food to the saltier version. This showed that we have the ability to adapt to new flavors and enjoy them just as much or more than what we were eating previously.

Want to take a step toward plant-based meals or add something new to your rotation? Try these plant-based breakfasts to start your day off right.

Plant-based Breakfast Recipes

1) Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is super fast and easy to make at home and customize with exactly the toppings you like. We love this southwestern style avocado toast recipe from the food blog Healthier Steps.

2) Breakfast Burrito

Burritos are one of the easiest dishes to make plant-based; the possibilities for fillings are endless. Vegan cooking guru Rachel Ama shows us how with this chickpea based breakfast burrito recipe. Even if you don’t normally like chickpeas, you’ll be amazed at how good they taste with the right preparation and seasonings.

3) White Bean “Sausage”

If you want the taste of sausage in the morning without the meat, try this sausage recipe from Sweet Potato Soul. It includes maple syrup, fennel, and smoked paprika – all the things that give sausage its characteristic flavor.

4) Chickpea Omellete

Did you know you can make an omelette out of chickpeas? Chickpea flour to be exact. This versatile flour can do everything from breakfast to desserts. Check out this simple chickpea omelette recipe from Blacks Going Vegan.

Need more plant-based recipe ideas?

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