8 Short Natural Hairstyles You’ll Love

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When many of us big chop our hair, we are at a loss for how to style it when it’s very short and as it grows in. As we will see here, there is no shortage of options for short natural hairstyles.

Adding shape, color, or texture (via braid outs, twist outs, or finger coils) are a few of the many ways you can make a short natural hairstyle your own. It’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you and your personal style. Read on for inspiration.

1. The iconic flat top

Do you remember when Grace Jones made the flat top haircut for women famous? This version is a bit softer with rounded edges, but every bit as fierce.

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2. Parted Twist Out

This style has plenty of texture and the geometric part makes it unique.

3. Shaved Sides with a Part

This asymmetric cut is flattering, with extra short sides and back, and a neat side part.

4. Closely Cropped and Coily

The length around the sides and back gives this fro great shape.

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5. Frohawk

We love the shape of this frohawk, and the crescent moon clip.

6. TWA with Side Part

The simplicity of this style brings all the attention to your striking features.

7. Simple and Sleek

This flapper-esque style is unique and sleek.

8. Textured Mini Fro

This fro has texture to the max. Lots of moisture and a bit of finger coiling and you’re golden.


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