5 quick natural hair updos

5 Quick Natural Hair Updos

via TheChicNatural

One of the best things about natural hair is how easy it can be to create intricate looking updos with a few braids or twists and a handful of bobby pins. Check out these tutorials for quick natural hair updos that will have you out the door fast without sacrificing style.

1) Two Cornrows + Pompadour Updo

This style includes two cornrows and a few chunky twists to create a beautiful quick updo style. If you can’t cornrow, flat twists will work as well.

2) Faux Flat Twists with Side Bun Updo

I love this style because it has the look of flat twists without the flat twisting skills! Jumbo twists are chained together to create this style.

3) Sideswept Curly Updo

This updo is as quick and easy as it gets. Simply sweep your hair up and to the side and use bobby pins to hold it in place. This video shows the style on a rod set, but it would look just as good on an old braid out, twist out, or wash and go.

4) Roll and Tuck Updo

If you can’t flat twist, twist, braid, or cornrow (or you just want to try something new) this is the style for you! Simply roll and tuck sections of hair for a style that is quick and easy but looks intricate and elegant.

5) Roll and Tuck Updo with Bangs

This style takes us back, using two simple side combs to hold the hair in place. This is the ultimate quick natural hair updo and is done in less than five minutes. For another variation, loosely twist and pin the bangs back.

That’s it! Five quick natural hair updos that you can do in just a few minutes while looking put together. These styles are perfect for weddings, formal events, or everyday wear.