easy protective styles for natural hair

5 Easy Protective Styles for Natural Hair [VIDEOS]

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If you’ve been natural for a while, you know that protective styles can help reduce breakage and allow you to retain more length. Protective styles can be anything from a simple bun or braid to elaborate updos. They keep your ends tucked away and allow minimal manipulation of your hair from day to day. In the videos below, we share a few favorite easy protective styles for natural hair.

When recreating a style from a YouTube video, use it as inspiration rather than trying to create an exact duplicate. Have realistic expectations and adapt the style to your own unique hair. If a Youtuber is using techniques, tools or products that you know don’t work for your hair, use what works for you. If their hair is much longer/shorter/finer/thicker than yours, make adjustments for your hair. The style will likely look different – and just as good! Most of all, have fun trying something new.

1. Massive Natural Hair Bun

This bun is done in sections which makes it a great option for those with thick hair. For finer or shorter hair, this style may be a bit less massive but still just as beautiful.

2. Easy Flat Twist Updo

This flat twist updo is perfect for short to medium length hair, but will also work for long hair. Make sure to watch this one to the very end to see the finished look, complete with accessories and outfit of the day.

3. Elegant Loose Braided Updo

For a style that looks elegant and intricate but goes together in five minutes, try this quick updo! The trick is two loose cornrows – you have to watch the whole video to see how easy it is.

4. Quick Twisted Bun

Here is another fun take on a bun. Loose twists give this bun tons of texture and fullness. It’s deceptively simple, using jumbo twists and a few bobby pins.

5. Classy Jumbo Flat Twists

This style is super simple but the end result is pretty and versatile; it will work just as well for work as it does for date night. Watch the video to see how this look is created using a unique method of sealing and styling dripping wet over the sink.

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