Naturally You! Magazine was founded in 2003 by Kaya, Toya and Jules. Our mission is to provide resources that will help you to care for your hair in its natural state.

In 2003, the current iteration of the natural hair movement was in its infancy. There were many people who had been wearing their hair naturally for years, but celebrities such as Zhane, Lauryn Hill, and Jill Scott had brought it into the mainstream.

My sister Toya and I were part of an online hair forum called Sisterhood Plus, and that was our lifeline to other naturals.

This was in the days of MySpace and Fotki; pre-Facebook, no YouTube or Instagram. Many of the natural hair websites we enjoy now did not yet exist.

The small but growing community of naturals online was tight knit, supportive and empowering.

As we grew in our understanding of how to care for our own natural hair, we wanted to share what we had learned with as many people as possible, and so Naturally You! was born.