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4 Black-Owned Online Beauty Supply Stores That Get You

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When I was a kid growing up in a small, predominantly white suburb, going to the beauty supply store meant going to Sally’s. After heading off to college in Newark, NJ, I discovered Korean-owned beauty supply stores. I often visited these stores to buy packs of braid hair, wild growth oil, boxed hair color, blow dryer attachments and more.

If I couldn’t get to a beauty supply store, I hit the drugstore “ethnic” section. Depending on the neighborhood, I could sometimes buy the products I needed there.

Thankfully, the options aren’t as limited these days, and more of the money is staying within the communities these stores serve. In recent years, there has been an increase in Black-owned beauty supply stores on and offline.

Following are four online Black-owned beauty supply stores that carry everything you need for healthy hair and smooth skin.


BLK + GRN offers a wide range of all natural, non-toxic products, all produced by Black-owned companies.

Founder Dr. Kristian Henderson realized that many of the products she used and loved could be hard to find, and only available through each individual company’s website. She wanted to create a platform where these products were available in one place.

BLK + GRN’s product catalog includes hair and skincare products as well as feminine care, teas, supplements, gift sets and more. New products are added weekly.


Hattache Beauty & Lifestyle Goods

Hattache Beauty and Lifestyle Goods includes brands that offer products made with natural and/or organic ingredients made in small batches. Many of the products are also eco-friendly and cruelty free.

The site includes a wide array of brands from the well known such as Alikay Naturals, Carol’s Daughter, Aunt Jackie, Curls, and Jane Carter Solution to smaller boutique brands.

Shop Hattache Beauty & Lifestyle Goods

Curl Bible

Curl Bible carries dozens of brands of hair, skin care, and beauty products from huge corporations such as Pantene and Revlon to small businesses such as HairCraQ, and everything in between.

Dana Chanel, best known for her online ministry Sprinkle of Jesus, founded the company.

Curl Bible also offers an unconventional affiliate program known as the Curly Queen Influencer program, meant to empower hair and beauty bloggers to be less reliant on brand sponsorships.


Coil Beauty

Aisha Shannon-Bates founded Coil Beauty after having a less than stellar experience in her local beauty supply store. Aisha strives to create a positive shopping experience for customers by understanding and catering to their needs.

The online store includes products from popular brands including Mielle Organics, The Lip Bar, Camille Rose Naturals, The Mane Choice, and Soultanicals.

Coil Beauty also serves the Chicago community through its Coil Confidence program, which helps high achieving students with the cost of hair, nails, make-up and clothing for prom and interviews.

Shop (this link is no longer associated with an online beauty supply store; I’m retaining it for posterity)

Nala Beauty Supply

Wendy Imbisi conceived Nala Beauty Supply to provide one-stop shopping for luxury hair and skincare products for women of color.

The selection includes well-known brands such as Anita Grant, NaturalAnnie Essentials, and Jacq’s.

Shop (this link is no longer associated with an online beauty supply store; I’m retaining it for posterity)

Do you have a favorite Black-owned beauty supply store? Let us know!

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