How my Journey to Plant Based Eating Became My Mission

When I was growing up, vegetables were flavored with butter or ham hocks and there was a jar of solidified bacon grease on the back of the stove. Pork chops, chicken wings, and Hamburger Helper were in regular rotation.

From this vantage point, I’ve slowly shifted my eating habits to a flexible plant based diet and now teach others to do the same.

Maybe you come from a similar background, growing up on food that is highly seasoned and full of flavor. You can’t imagine living on bland salads and tasteless vegetables. I can tell you that I can’t either – thankfully plant based eating can be just as flavorful and satisfying.

And if you wonder what you’d even eat like I did when I started on this journey, I can fill you in on how to build balanced, healthy, and delicious plant based meals that are good and good for you.

I can also say that making the switch is 100% worth it.

Several years ago, a sunny day meant to celebrate my mom’s birthday turned into a moment of panic. After a nice lunch, my mom struggled to walk just a few feet, gasping for air. Thankfully, she was eventually able to catch her breath, but that day became a turning point in my journey.

My mom had so many health problems – high blood pressure, prediabetes, high cholesterol, and the list went on. And now, she could barely walk a few feet.

I slowly and steadily began to encourage my mom to eat more whole plant based foods, but here’s the key:

Instead of just telling her she had to change her whole diet overnight, I helped her do it one step at a time. This made all the difference.

As her health, energy, strength, and stamina improved, she was more motivated to continue.

Before I knew it, my mom was walking miles and giving me tips. I couldn’t believe it.

After this experience, my mission became clear. I wasn’t just learning how to eat well for myself. I felt called to empower others, particularly women in my community, to reclaim their health.

Over the next few years, I developed my plant based reset course – Plant Based the Easy Way.

Armed with a Biology degree and certifications in plant-based nutrition and coaching, the course blends science with personal experience, shaped by a Virginia-rooted “first generation North” mom.

It’s designed to help you reset your body and jumpstart your health using the power of plant based foods.

In Plant Based the Easy Way, you’ll follow my Practice Makes Progress Method – an approach that moves past typical old school diets.

It’s about doable daily practices that build toward bigger goals – NOT going hungry and exercising like crazy.

And this isn’t the type of course where you sign up and you’re on your own. You get hands-on accountability via weekly check ins with feedback from me, plus in-app private direct message access to me.

There are more people going plant based than ever – and Black women are at the forefront of the movement. Will you be next? Plant Based the Easy Way is your roadmap to get there – more easily and successfully than going it alone.

Click here for details and to join Plant Based the Easy Way - we get started on January 8th!