Naturally Madisen Big Chop Chronicles

Naturally Madisen: I Was Scared to Big Chop

Madisen is from Charlotte, North Carolina, and cut the last of her relaxed ends in April of 2018. Read on for her story of transitioning for a year and a half before taking the leap to return to her natural hair.

What led you to the decision to big chop?

I was relaxed for 14 years before I started my transition to natural hair. 

I noticed my relaxed hair continued to thin and stopped growing, and I was tired of not having healthy hair. That’s when my research began on natural hair and how to transition. I was scared to go straight to the big chop and have a TWA (teeny weeny afro). 

I transitioned for one year and five months before deciding to let the rest of my relaxer go.

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I was ready to big chop because I loved seeing my natural hair texture. I felt I was at a comfortable length and I was ready to finally embrace my natural hair. 

I also started my blog around this time and I knew people were following my journey. I gathered the courage to big chop to show other women that it’s not scary and you don’t need long hair to feel beautiful. I knew my entire transition would inspire others when they saw how far I had come.

How have you been feeling about returning to your natural hair?

It’s been an exciting journey so far. I’ve learned so much about my hair since returning natural and I love seeing how much it has changed since my big chop. I honestly wish I would’ve returned natural a long time ago, but everything happened at the right time!

What has the response been like from family and friends?

My family and friends have been supportive and I’m glad because I thought I’d receive negative feedback. I actually encouraged my mom to start transitioning and she recently did her big chop around a month ago. She saw how happy I was with my hair and wanted to learn how to care for hers. I never thought my mom would be natural, but I’m happy to have her on this new journey!

Do you have any favorite styles or products?

My favorite style would have to be a wash and go. I’ve always been obsessed with them even before I was able to do my own! I also like wearing two strand twists. 

I purchase a lot of organic products from small black-owned brands on Instagram. My favorite brands would have to be Nature’s Little Secret, Bask & Bloom, Soultanicals, and Obia Naturals.

Are there any websites, Youtubers or Instagram pages that have helped you on your journey?

A Youtuber that has helped me since the beginning of my journey is Afro Khadisiac, also known as Khadijah. She was one of the first channels I subscribed to and she helped me to find the best products and techniques for my high porosity hair.

What has been your toughest hair struggle?

My toughest hair struggle has been retaining moisture. Since I have high porosity hair, I can lose any moisture I add to my hair quickly, especially if I’m not using the right products or techniques. I’m still going through some trial and error, but I’ve found ways to hold moisture longer and I hope to continue to learn the best ways to care for my natural hair.

Are you natural for life?

Yes! I can’t imagine going back to relaxers ever again. I had straight hair long enough and there was nothing special about it. I constantly did the same styles and it became boring eventually. Natural hair is versatile and I can’t wait to see how my curls continue to change!

What advice would you give someone considering the big chop?

My advice would be to only big chop when YOU’RE ready. People (mostly strangers) will give their opinions about what you should do with your hair, but what they think shouldn’t matter. You’re the one that will have to deal with your natural hair, so it’s best to big chop when you’re comfortable.

If you’re considering going natural, follow your favorite bloggers or Youtubers on social media. There are so many women in the natural hair community that can teach you a lot and encourage you. Everyone is supportive and getting to know more curl-friends will help you stay motivated and learn more about natural hair. You won’t be on this journey alone!

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