breaking the fast food habit

Breaking the Fast Food Habit

Fast food is everywhere, and it can be hard to resist the convenience, not to mention the taste. And there’s nothing wrong with that once in awhile.

Unfortunately, eating fast food on a regular basis (like I did at one time) can have some pretty serious health consequences over time, including heart disease and diabetes.

Breaking the fast food habit can seem hard at first, but it is possible with some key lifestyle changes.

In this post, I’ll share some strategies for cutting back on fast food and building healthier habits.

The Addictive Nature of Fast Food

The first step in breaking the fast food habit is to understand the addiction.

Fast food is designed to be addictive, with high levels of sugar, salt, and fat that literally trigger pleasure centers in the brain.

Fast food is also often associated with positive emotions and experiences, such as spending time with friends or family. I know I have some good memories of pizza night, milkshakes and fries, and buckets of chicken with my family.

To break the cycle and start building new patterns (and memories), it’s helpful to recognize the psychological and emotional components of the habit and identify our triggers for fast food cravings.

Building Healthy Habits

To replace fast food with healthier options, it’s important to build healthy habits. Meal planning, prepping, and cooking at home are a good place to start.

Preparing meals in advance ensures you have healthy options on hand, which helps avoid the temptation of fast food when you’re short on time.

Also, making sure you eat a variety of nourishing and satisfying food that fuels your body can help reduce cravings and improve overall health.

A movement routine can also help to reduce stress and improve your mood, making it easier to resist the urge to indulge in fast food.

Creating a Support System

Breaking any habit is easier with support.

Identify a support team that can help you break the fast food habit. This can include family members, friends, a healthcare professional, a coach, or all of the above.

Joining support groups or online communities can also be a good way to share experiences and encouragement.

Creating strategies for situations that tend to throw you off like social events or busy work schedules can also help you stay on track.

Celebrate Your Success

Celebrate small victories and progress made towards healthier habits, such as trying a new recipe or choosing a healthier option at a fast-food restaurant.

Continuously set small milestones on the path to your larger goal, and take the time to appreciate your hard work along the way.


Breaking the fast food habit might seem daunting at first, but with a few lifestyle changes and a supportive community, it’s possible.

Understanding why fast food is addictive, building healthy habits, creating a support system, and celebrating your successes are essential strategies for breaking the fast food habit and shifting to a healthier lifestyle.