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Thank you so much for visiting! I’m Kaya and I big chopped back in 1997 – yes, over 20 years ago! Soon after, my sister and mom went natural too.

In 2003, my sister and I were inspired to start a natural hair magazine – the first of it’s kind – and it was published in print for three years.

We recently relaunched this website to reconnect with the global natural community. Here, we will share what we’ve learned in more than two decades of wearing our hair naturally. Our tools and tips, successes and failures, and the simple wisdom that has stood the test of time.

To get you started, check out the following posts:

  1. Natural Hair Tools
  2. 5 Ways to Cleanse Natural Hair
  3. How to Detangle Natural Hair
  4. How to Moisturize Natural Hair
  5. A Daily Natural Hair Care Regimen

As we’ve traveled our natural hair journeys, the natural mindset has expanded to other areas of our lives. This includes food, family, wellness, and more.

Want to meet up with other naturals in real life? Check out our listing of natural hair events around the world.

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Thanks again for being here, and as always, be naturally you!