5 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Beginners

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Working with your hair in its natural state is no more difficult than relaxed or straightened hair, however, it does take a bit of practice. Here are some of my favorite easy natural hairstyles for beginners.

The Puff

The puff is a staple style for many naturals. TallGirlDani shows us how versatile this style truly is with nothing more than a stretchy band, a few bobby pins, and a few minutes.

Youtube: TallGirlDani

Six Twist Twist Out

Everyone knows about twist outs, but what I like about this one is that it only uses six twists, making it super easy for beginners. As stated in the video, it is very important to start with completely detangled hair for this style. Also, the ends of your hair should be in good condition as split ends can make your twists hard to separate.

Youtube: MyNaturalSistas

Afro Puff with Bangs

This was a staple style for me as my short natural hair was growing out. You only need 3-4 inches of hair for this style, and it’s something you can keep wearing as your hair grows longer.

Super easy, looks great, and can be dressed up or down. For an evening look, add sparkle with a headband, hair jewelry, or use bobby pins to affix normal jewelry across the front or back of your puff.

When wearing this style, I often used ties that I cut from a men’s wave cap to tie my puff since they are made from a satiny material. Instead of Ecostyler gel, you could use a botanical gel, or your usual moisturizer along with a damp brush.

Youtube: Mynaturalhair


This style was also a go-to for me with my short natural hair. In this video, YouTuber NaturallyNina shows us how to do it without pins which I think is a great option! I sometimes struggle to place bobby pins in a way that they hold my hair securely but don’t pinch my hair or pull on my scalp, so I love this idea.

This style comes together in five minutes and is perfect for shorter natural hair but would also work as it grows out.

For a variation on this look, you could place decorative hair combs on the sides of your hair.

Youtube: NaturallyNina

Bun with Bangs

This style is simple and quick and can be worn with various lengths of hair. This look is appropriate for work, weekends, or a night out.

I have been wearing this style consistently for the past five years. It’s my favorite style and I wear it with all different variations.

You can start with a braid out or twist out for added texture, you can section a smaller or larger bang, and you can twist and roll both the bangs and the bun into all different shapes. You can also tuck your bun in tightly or loosely to make it smaller or larger, position it lower or off to one side. Lots of possibilities here.

Youtube: GAHL

As you can see, there are many options for easy natural hairstyles, even just using these simple styles as a springboard. Happy experimenting!

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