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Natural Hair Journey: Robinn

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One of my favorite things about running a natural hair site is getting to know people in the community. I could talk about natural hair techniques, products, and especially personal natural hair journies all day.

In this installment of our Natural Hair Journey feature, I’m excited to share Robinn’s story and current regimen with you. She has been natural for a whopping 30 years, making her a natural hair veteran.

Robinn is a true Kitchen Chemist, and she shares some serious DIY recipes we all need to try. Read on for the details.

How long have you been natural?
30 years

How did you go natural?
My hair was damaged from relaxers, “the curl,” color, and overprocessed. I started wearing braids and eventually went to locs.

What is your current hair care routine?
I condition my locs three times a week and tighten them when needed. I apply black castor oil three times a week.

I sleep on a satin pillow. I use a hair steamer one or two times a month.

I use Indian herbs – amla, brahmi, shikakai, bhringraj and neem – as conditioners. I make a paste and put it on my hair for 30 minutes to two hours, once per week.

I also use onion juice with coconut oil and curry leaves.  I boil these together for 40 minutes, let sit for eight hours and then strain. I use this mixture three times a week to help with hair growth.

What is your favorite thing about being natural?
It’s beautiful.

Kaya’s notes: short, to the point, and so true!

What would you want someone who is newly natural or considering going natural to know?
Research the various oils that are good for your hair. Check the ingredients of all your hair products. Don’t use mineral oil.

Thanks so much for sharing your natural hair journey Robinn! 


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