Chronicurls Pop Curl Color

Gorgeous Natural Hair Highlights without the Damage

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Temporary hair color in chalk, gel, or pomade form allows you to easily, quickly and safely add color to your hair. The looks you can achieve range from subtle to dramatic.

Some naturals experience dryness with hair chalk, so gels and pomades have become a popular way to add color without sacrificing moisture.

Colors come in all shades from blonde to black, as well as brighter colors such as pink, red, blue, purple, green and more. Combined with all the textures and shapes we can create with our hair, the possibilities are truly endless.

Read on for a few ideas.

1) Caramel colored rod set

This color looks so natural, I would never have guessed it wasn’t permanent. I love how the light reflects off the curls.

2) Twist Out with Subtle Reds

This application looks super natural, and really adds dimension to the texture.

3) Deep blue

These blue and purple highlights are perfect.

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4) A rainbow of coils

Yes! Why not go all in?

5) Copper locs

Just a touch of color in the front frames the face beautifully.

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6) Galaxy hair

This is just too good.

7) Fall color ‘fro

This look is subtle fire.

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