silklush electric blue knit hood with satin lining

Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Your Favorite Naturalista

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So you’ve got the kids on your holiday shopping list covered – check! Next, you need gifts for your favorite natural-haired friend or family member – or yourself! The following are a few of our favorite gift ideas.

SWAK Couture Satin-lined Hat

swak couture slouchy bobble beanie

via SWAK Couture

Winter hats can be cozy and warm, but they’re usually made with rough, moisture-wicking materials that can damage coily hair. Enter satin-lined hats. Over the past few years, satin-lined hats have become super popular and for good reason. They keep your ears warm and your hair healthy – it’s a win-win. SWAK Couture offers satin-lined hats in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for naturals who need to stay toasty at all times while protecting their ends. When ordering, be sure to explicitly add satin lining during checkout.

Loza Tam Satin-lined Turbans

loza tam satin lined turban

via Loza Tam

Loza Tam satin-lined turbans are the perfect accessory for busy women who need to look put together and stylish in a few minutes flat. The turbans come in two sizes, in solid colors and patterns. They have an elastic band in the back that allows them to conform to your head and stay in place. They give you the look of a headwrap without the time and effort to tie it.

Silk Lush Satin-Lined Scoodie

silk lush gray knit satin lined scoodie

via Silk Lush

I first saw these hand-knitted, satin-lined accessories from Silklush at the NJ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo. I fell in love right away. The hoods, hats, and scarves are made from a thick, heavy yarn that will keep you warm all winter. The styles are unique with a touch of edge, while the craftsmanship gives them a classic feel. They feature a full satin lining (are you seeing a pattern here?) and offer plenty of options for various styles and volumes of hair.

Headwrap subscription

wrapper delights headwrap subscription gift for naturalista natural hair woman

via Wrapper Delights

Do you know someone who loves headwraps? A headwrap subscription is a fun gift that will keep them smiling for months to come. Wrapper Delights offers a six-month headwrap subscription, and you can choose regular headwraps or satin-lined.

Arewa NYC Purse

arewa nyc kente cloth purse with chain

via Arewa NYC

These handmade handbags from Arewa NYC are absolute showstoppers. They come in an array of vibrantly colored African fabrics and styles and are lined with velvet. The Asha style comes with a chain strap with coordinating fabric intertwined. A perfect gift for the lady who loves unique accessories.

The Pour Artist Hand Painted Vision Glasses

the pour artist nj hand painted glasses

via The Pour Artist

I know you know someone who likes to stand out. Is it you? If so, you need these glasses from The Pour Artist. The oversized cat-eye shape is already super fly on its own – the colorful handpainted designs give them even more wow factor.

(Side Note: Do you see how stunning this sister is!? From her Instagram bio: “Christian; M Ed; mom of 3 – 2 are dx w/autism; stage 3 aggressive breast cancer; Army mom; Nothing but greatness; Faith over everything; Strength over struggle.” Please head on over to Instagram and show her some love.)

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