my second big chop after heat damage

My Second Big Chop after Heat Damage

So often, we go natural before we are fully prepared to take care of our hair in its natural state. When I first went natural, I permed my hair a few months in and ended up having to big chop again.

This is such a common story – if you have big chopped more than once, you’re not alone. In this edition of The Big Chop Chronicles, Donae of Atlanta, Georgia shares her story of doing her second big chop after six years natural.

What led you to the decision to big chop?

I did the big chop in October of 2018. I had been natural for six years before that but I was a lazy natural. The Dominican salon was my favorite place to visit every Saturday.

Even though my hair had length it was really thin due to all the heat damage that I had. I also wanted to be responsible for my hair journey.

How have you been feeling about returning to your natural hair?

It’s more different than I expected to be, because of all the blowouts I did in the past I was unaware of the real thick 4c hair that I carry.

What has the response been like from family and friends?

Friends and family were shocked because they all, for the most part, know me to be a weave/straight hair type of girl.

Do you have any favorite styles or products?

Right now with my teeny weeny afro, it would be water, castor oil, Cantu curl activator, and Aussie conditioner.

What has been your toughest hair struggle?

Learning how to deal with my 4c thick hair.

Are you natural for life?

Yes I’m pushing toward a more natural life in all.

What advice would you give someone considering the big chop?

It’s a beautiful transition that everyone may not understand but you will grow to love your natural hair and you will see that the options are endless. Just be patient and enjoy every part of your journey.

If you were a hair fanatic like me just understand that this is a journey that you will grow to love. Don’t give up and enjoy this new life that you will have.