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3 Box Braids Style Tutorials You Can Do Without Extensions

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Box braids are a great low maintenance style that keeps your scalp accessible and easy to keep clean. They look great as is, while also offering lots of styling options.

Did you know you can do box braids without adding extensions? Box braids on your own natural hair are a perfect protective styling option that allows you to keep your hair moisturized and eliminates tension caused by heavy extensions.

Check out the following videos for tips, techniques, and product recommendations. As always, use these videos as a starting point, and adapt the methods for your hair type and texture!

Box Braids on Blown Out Long Hair

In this video, YouTuber Si Robinson shows us how she does box braids on blown out hair using Camille Rose Naturals Ajani Growth and Shine Balm and Aloe Whipped Butter Gel.

Box Braids with Beads on Short Natural Hair

This box braid style is adorned with beads in various shapes and colors which give the look so much flavor! I would love to see this look on the red carpet.

Box Braids with Asymmetrical Cornrows

Another way to wear box braids is to pair them with another styling technique such as cornrows or flat twists. This box braids style gets you out of the house quickly – watch the video to see.

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