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Big Chop Chronicles: Zekia

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Zekia is from Greenwood, SC and did her big chop June 29th, 2018. Her advice to women considering going natural? “Do it sis!!!” I love her enthusiasm! Read on for more of her story.

What led you to the decision to big chop?

I had been natural a whole year before I did the big chop. What made me go ahead and do the big chop was because I had a lot of heat damage and was tired of the straight and damaged ends.

How have you been feeling about returning to your natural hair?


What has the response been like from family and friends?

My curls be POPPING!!!!! *lol* Honestly, I always get from them how beautiful and healthy my hair is.

Do you have any favorite styles or products?

Styles – I would say Wash & Gos and Twist Outs!! My products – I have to go with Cantu. Yesssss sis!!!!

What has been your toughest hair struggle?

When I did my big chop I got the tapered cut so as my hair grew out I had to think of many different hairstyles that would fit me. Having short hair at the back and long hair at the top was definitely my toughest struggle but I made it through!!

What advice would you give someone considering the big chop?

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING IT, DO IT SIS!! For me, it was the best thing I could have done for my hair. I love the fact that I get to embrace my beautiful natural curly hair.

Just knowing you are not putting those bad and harsh chemicals in your hair, you truly fall in love with your natural hair. Sis, when I tell you the curls come through – yessssss!!!!!  You will love the fact that you did it.

Always remember, “It’s Natural Not Nappy.”

Are you natural for life?


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