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Q & A with Hair Loss Specialist Taneice Chavers

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I recently saw a live hair and scalp analysis performed by Taneice Chavers, a Hair Loss Specialist and owner of the popular salon Shear Bliss Hair Lounge and Spa in West Orange, NJ. Taneice used a handheld device to examine the scalp of an audience volunteer.

The scalp was magnified to the follicle level and displayed on a screen. Taneice described to onlookers what she was seeing – open and closed follicles, broken hairs, product buildup, clogged follicles, and areas of healthy clean scalp skin. She discussed scalp massage and other methods to prevent and address hair loss. According to Taneice, the popular blood type diet is one way to combat hair loss (as with any major diet change, consult your trusted healthcare professional before making any major changes).

Intrigued, I contacted Taneice to do a Q & A for our site, and she graciously agreed.

Tell us about your business and what you do to help women with hair loss.

I own a full-service salon that services all women, but caters to women that suffer from cancer, lupus, alopecia, or some form of traumatic hair loss. We have a service called a Hair & Scalp Analysis that magnifies the scalp to determine its condition and see if the follicles are open or closed. We provide treatments for those clients dealing with hair loss, scalp issues, and thinning. If the follicle is closed and there is no chance of growing the hair back, we construct customized wig units which clients can pay for with their health insurance.

What inspired you to become a Hair Loss Specialist?

I decided to become a Hair Loss Specialist because I lost my own hair in college. At that time, there was no salon really teaching women about hair loss and how to combat it nor was there a place providing a comfortable, private atmosphere where I could go to get my hair taken care of. From that experience, I decided to create the salon that I wanted when I was going through my hair loss.

What are some common causes of hair loss for Black women?

Common causes of hair loss include stress, medications with hair loss as a side effect, bad products that clog the follicle, putting too much stress and tugging on the hair strands which is called traction alopecia, illnesses such as cancer and lupus, and the overuse of chemicals on the hair.

What can we do to avoid hair loss?

The best ways to avoid hair loss are to maintain a healthy hair regime (regular trims and hair treatments such as protein treatments, deep steam treatments, and deep conditions), to make sure all products used on the hair are good quality and free of parabens, and to give the hair a break between stressful styles.

Whats oils can prevent or reverse hair loss?

Joboba seed, lemongrass, and peppermint oils.

Does scalp massage prevent or reverse hair loss?

Scalp massages are good and aid in stimulating the scalp which can be useful when trying to grow your hair. It’s good to always massage the scalp while shampooing and conditioning the hair.

What natural and minimally invasive treatments are available to address hair loss?

Scalp treatments such as deep steam treatments, protein treatments, scalp renewal treatments, and deep conditioning treatments can help.

What is your biggest challenge as a Hair Loss Specialist?

The biggest challenge is making sure clients are following the regime given after our appointment. Sometimes it is difficult to get clients to stay consistent on the days when they are not at the salon.

Taneice Chavers was born and raised in Trenton, NJ. After graduating from Kean University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and then going on to get her cosmetology license at Empire Beauty School, Taneice decided it was time to follow her dreams. A bad experience at a salon causing her hair to fall out gave her the idea for a much-needed niche in the beauty industry and in February 2015, Shear Bliss Hair Lounge & Spa opened for business. Shear Bliss is a full-service salon catering to women suffering from cancer, lupus, alopecia, or some form of traumatic hair loss. For more information, visit

Have you experienced hair loss? Have you sought help from a hair loss specialist, dermatologist or trichologist? Let us know in the comments.

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