plant based journey before and after erin

Plant Based Journey: Erin

Over the past several years I’ve been blessed to see how powerful whole natural foods, and particularly plant based foods, can be in changing someone’s story.
Not too long ago, Erin came across one of my posts on social media. She immediately jumped into a healthy eating challenge I was running.
Erin had understandably been indulging in comfort foods due to the stress of the pandemic. Her turning point came when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure at a young age.
She knew she had to make a change, and she wanted to explore a plant based lifestyle. She received a plant based nutrition guide and worked to incorporate new healthier eating habits.
Here’s what Erin had to say when I checked in with her recently:
“In Early January, I was prescribed high blood pressure medication. I was extremely worried being a 28 year old on high blood pressure medication. Obviously, with the stress of the pandemic and consoling myself with my favorite guilty pleasures. It was necessary to change my lifestyle and become more active.
I knew I wanted to explore a plant based lifestyle. With my nutritional guide, I was able to introduce myself and my family to different ingredients. Not only have I lost weight (~10 pounds), I have also been taken off my medication by my doctor.”
These are the kinds of results I love hearing about. It’s truly incredible how dietary changes can affect your health in such profound ways.
And Erin’s story isn’t unusual. According to the American Heart Association, eating less meat reduces the risk of not only high blood pressure, but also high cholesterol, diabetes, and even cancer.
This is why I love teaching healthy habits – the results can be life changing.
If you’ve ever considered cutting back on meat and going plant based, I created a free class where you’ll learn six key mistakes to avoid – plus the exact method I use to help women transition. Register below.