breakage or new growth how to tell the difference

Breakage or New Growth? How to tell the difference

If you’re seeing short hairs peeking out from your scalp, how do you know if it’s breakage or new growth? Read on to find out.

Evaluate the Location of the Short Hairs

If the short hairs are concentrated along your hairline or nape, they could be caused by a headband, scarf, hat or other rough surface rubbing against that area.

The same goes for short hairs along part lines. They could be the result of those areas of your hair constantly rubbing against your scarf, bonnet, pillow, back of the couch, etc.

Evaluate Your Fallen Hair

Examine the hair you see in the drain or on the floor. If the hairs are shorter than the length of the hair on your head, you can safely say they are broken hairs.

If they’re just as long and have a white bulb on the end, they’re shed hairs and don’t indicate breakage.

Evaluate Your Routine

Have there been any major changes that would contribute to either growth or breakage?

Did you start scalp massages or any other new hair care or exercise routines?

Did you start using combs or brushes more often, or get a new hat with rough fabric?

Evaluate Your Life

Did you recently go through a stressful situation, stop taking a medication that causes hair loss, correct a medical issue or experience postpartum shedding?

If so, the short hairs may be the result of lost hair growing back in.

The Final Rinse

In short, the best way to determine if you’re experiencing breakage or new growth is simply to pay attention. Observe any changes that would contribute to either.

If you find that you are dealing with breakage, eliminate the root cause and nurture your hair back to health.