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My Favorite Appliances for Healthy Cooking at Home

In the past, I was never an appliance person. It just felt like too much trouble to dig through my kitchen cabinets, find all the pieces, and clean up afterward.

Now that I’ve committed to putting the time in to cook at home more often for my health, I have a handful of appliances that I use on a regular basis. These appliances not only work well, but they’re affordable, have minimal parts that I use for every day cooking, and they’re easy to use and clean.

NutriBullet Rx

This high speed blender is my go to for making homemade almond and oat milk, and smoothies.

It's more powerful than a regular blender, and blends and extracts more thoroughly. 

It can also be used to make hot pureed soups and nut butter. I've even used to make plant based pot de crème. 

Black & Decker Food Processor

This food processor is priced at the low to mid level but it's a workhorse. I purchased one in 2013 and just retired it last year. 

I used it to make hummus, veggie burgers, banana ice cream, sorbet,'s been one of my most used kitchen tools.

There are only a few pieces for basic functionality and it's mostly easy to clean. Keep an eye on the handle though, as it can get dirty over time. 

Krups Coffee Grinder

I prefer tea to coffee but I love this little grinder for grinding up flax seeds for recipes and to sprinkle over salads and meals. 

I've also used it to grind chia seeds, cinnamon sticks, and fresh ground spice blends. Supermarket spices work well for everyday, but for special dishes or holidays, grinding them fresh gives your dishes something special.

The grinder is easy to use too - just toss your spices in, press the button down for a few seconds, and you're done.  

The right kitchen appliances can make cooking healthy food at home more efficient and more fun. It also gives you the ability to try more recipes, which gives you more variety in your meals and keeps things interesting. I hope these appliances give you a good starting point in adding to your healthy kitchen.

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